Friday 18 March 2016

On Stage: Savages @ Melkweg

A few months ago Savages released their second album Adore Life, that continued their dark post-punk sound, but also showed a more mellow side of the all-female band. It only makes their music even more intense. Let's see if this also is the case live on stage.

Savages at Melkweg Amsterdam, March 16 2016

Unfortunately I don't make it on time to catch support act Bo Ningen, which is a shame, since the London based Japanese band sound interesting enough to check out. Black is the colour of Savages so the ladies are all dressed in black on a dark stage lighted by bright spots and strobes now and then. It all is part of the Savages world, a dark and sometimes gloomy place, dominated by strong women. Their music is quite aggressive and always edgy where singer Jehnny Beth's piercing eyes are staring at you while she spits out her lyrics.

But on the new record the band is taking it slower now and then and also show a more friendly face. This makes their sounds more balanced and interesting where both faces are showing in a song like 'Slowing Down The World'. These moments make the heavy songs even more impressive and their show profits from this as well. Of course songs like 'Husbands' and 'Evil' are plenty with their pounding almost techno like grooves and heavy guitars. But the tracks 'Mechanics' and 'Adore', show a more sensitive side of the band and Beth as well. It narrows the distance between the crowd and her and she can show a more charming side of her.

Beth is a great front woman any way, performing with a lot of heart and convincingly, seeking contact with the people at the front, never losing control. At one point she fearlessly steps into the crowd who are holding her up like a modern Cleopatra, while she keeps on singing. In the final encore the group, who seem to be enjoying themselves, go full speed ahead one more time with a violent 'Fuckers', while the members of Bo Ningen join them one by one. It's a beautiful ending to a tight and convincing show from a band in killer shape.

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01. I Am Here
02. Sad Person
03. City's Full
04. Slowing Down the World
05. Shut Up
06. She Will
07. Husbands
08. Surrender
09. Evil
10. When In Love
11. I Need Something New
12. The Answer
13. Hit Me
14. No Face
15. T.I.W.Y.G.
16. Mechanics
17. Adore
18. Fuckers

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