Monday 27 June 2016

On Stage: Parquet Courts @ Paradiso

Another great album Human Performance was released by Parquet Courts this year. The band keeps knocking them out effortlessly, as if it comes really easy to them. They are also known for good live shows but after seeing them a few times they haven't been able to convince me yet. Maybe it was the wrong moment on the festivals I've seen them play. Time to see if Paradiso can get the best out of them.

Parquet Courts at Paradiso Amsterdam, June 23 2016

Dutch newest sensation Canshaker Pi are opening tonight so I make sure to arrive at the venue on time. These youngsters managed to create quite a buzz and their music sounds thrilling indeed. On stage they are a ball of energy and the laid back rock songs gain extra bite. It's nice to see more and more young bands embrace this sound from the nineties and bring it into this era. Keep an eye out for this band.

The crowd is definitely ready for the main act now. The band starts out a bit slow and I always have to get into their indifferent style. You can hear why there songs are so good though with subtle elements like little keyboard parts. A guy climbs the stage to stage dive and kicks down one of the microphones. Of course this is a dumb move that seems to annoy the band. Especially Austin Brown seems to be real grumpy about it. The band takes long breaks between songs now to complain about it. When a beer lands on stage it makes their mood even worse and they are now really testing the crowd. When a girl shouts “shut the fuck up” it doesn't really help.

It doesn't improve the band who are now playing their songs on routine. Especially the slower ones are now missing their effect. Halfway the set there's a short rebound when they play a few aggressive songs in a row showing their quality. But this band comes across as provoked and nothing can save the night anymore. The end of the set is better again but the band finishes their set and quickly leave the stage. Sometimes testing your audience can help to keep them focused but tonight Parquet Courts were just in a bad mood. Hopefully I get to see them some day when they are at their best.

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