Wednesday 15 June 2016

Sniffing The Grass: A Best Kept Secret 2016 Warmup

It has taken a while before the festival season kicked off for me this year. This weekend it finally is starting with the first multi-day summer festival for me. It's time for Best Kept Secret, that lovely festival among the wild animals of the next door safari parc Beekse Bergen. We have our jungalow, we have our tickets, so let's see what's in stock for us.

The great thing about this festival is the great line-up they somehow know how to come up with every year. The bad thing is the great line-up they somehow know how to come up with every year. It always results in some tough choices to be made and this year is no exception. I won't go and list all the bands I want to see like I used to. The schedules are clear enough. Instead I will just give some tips for every day.

There's no time to waste on Friday and it's definitely not a slow start. Fortunately we're still very fit on this first day of course.

Three tips for today:
1. Beck; for me this giant is a must-see. I love his music and his shows are always interesting and of high standard
2. Preoccupations; vicious post-punk of the band formerly known as Viet Cong
3. Kid Wave; last minute addition after a cancellation. Exciting shoegaze and worth going to the festival site early for

Sleeping is not for festivals so no lingering today, there are exciting bands to see

Three tips for today:
1. Audacity; garage punk rockers from California that released a great new album Hyper Vessels a few months ago.
2. Dinosaur Jr.; grunge dinosaurs that are still on top of things. Must see for me.
3. Weaves; quite refreshing and coo coo garage pop although it clashes with Black Box Revelation.

The last day so let's go out with a bang.

Three tips for today:
1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra; master mind Ruban Nielson had a huge break-through with his psychedelic funk, pop and rock on the album Multi-Love. With his great band they are wonderful to see.
2. Wilco; somehow I never got really into Wilco, but come on, it's still Wilco.
3. Yeasayer; lost their momentum of the first couple of albums but live they can be quite an experience.

If I make these schedules I'm afraid I'll end the weekend exhausted, hungry and thirsty, but boy I'm gonna try!

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