Monday 6 June 2016

On Stage: White Lung @ Paradiso Tolhuistuin

Canadian punk rockers White Lung have a lot going for them: earlier albums were well received and their new album Paradise may even be a game changer for them and a turning point. Their punk songs with a pop edge seems to go down well and people are starting to pick up on the band. Time to go check them out.

White Lung at Paradiso Tolhuistuin Amsterdam, June 2 2016

The band is bringing another band from Canada as support, shoegazers No Joy. By the time I arrive at the venue they have already started and I'm greeted by very loud guitars drenched in effects. But despite the volume No Joy knows how to balance it well and come up with some good melodies and vocals by singer Jasamine White-Gluz. Not a bad way to start the night.

Without further introduction White Lung start their set. The band shifts into gear right away and fire up one catchy punk sing after another. But it's like they get stuck into that gear for the whole night. All songs seem to be in the same tempo and sound alike a lot. Of course this not uncommon for punk music but White Lung also doesn't look like an energetic punk band either and actually come across as uninspired.

On top of that, the sound they have down so well on the new album is completely absent and what's left doesn't sound very convincing. Singer Mish Way seems to go through her rock poses on routine and stares into the darkness somewhat blasé. There's hardly any interaction with the crowd and it's obvious the people are far from fired up. As sudden as they appeared on stage they leave as well after the last song.

Maybe this simply wasn't their night, or they were tired or had an off day, but to be fair this was quite disappointing. I'll be spinning the record again an hope to catch them maybe again on a good day.

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