Sunday 2 October 2016

On Stage: John Coffey @ Paradiso

It came as a total surprise when Dutch rockers John Coffey announced they were going to call it quits. The band was doing really well and also getting lots of attention abroad. No real specific reasons were given, but life on the road simply ain't easy and bands like this aren't exactly making tons of money either. Before leaving us they would do one final tour and their last show was at Paradiso.

John Coffey at Paradiso Amsterdam, September 30 2016

This night sold out in no time and you can feel a buzz in the air. Everyone here tonight knows it will be the last time we can party with this unique rock band. We arrive at the venue when Black Peaks have just taken the stage for their support slot and I like what I hear. The heavy hard core songs are tight and go down well with the main hall that's already quite full. By the time the main act is about to take off, the hall is packed and everyone is eager to see their heroes one last time.

It's not just the heavy rock songs that make a John Coffey show so special. It's the energetic performance of the band and their positive attitude that do the trick and that reflects on the crowd. These guys will always give it all and put a smile on everyone's face where ever they play. Needless to say tonight both the band and their fans give it all they've got for one last time. From the beginning to the end the floor turns into a giant pit with people jumping, dancing, stage diving and crowd surfing everywhere you can see. It's as if people are partying like it's the last night on earth.

The band isn't wasting a lot of time and singer David Achter De Molen says they wanted to play only party songs tonight and don't want to spend a lot of time talking about this being the last show. It's hard to believe that we won't be hearing songs like 'Broke Neck' and 'Heart Of A traitor' live on stage from these guys any more. The last time I saw John Coffey play here, I was amazed by the energy from the crowd and how crazy they went. That was nothing compared to tonight where people are bouncing off the walls.

This is exactly what this band is all about, what they do to people. They radiate energy and positive vibes and people simply go mental. It's great to see everyone tearing down this place and partying their asses off. But sadly there has to be an end to it all as well and after fan favourite 'Romans' it's really time to say goodbye to these wonderful five guys who have given us so much joy. They are hugging on stage while tears are flowing off stage when people realize this was it. John Coffey were like a comet in the Dutch music scene, one that was shining bright and full of fire. Tonight they went out with a loud bang, the only way they knew. I thank this band from the bottom of my heart for all the good times and every time I will be spinning their records, I will think back of all those wonderful moments.

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01. Intro

02. Needles

03. Dirt & Stones

04. Featherless Redheads

05. Relief

06. Dear Thomas Schell

 07. No House For Thee

08. Son

09. Bright Companions

 10. Wreckage and Scars

11. Nails On The Blackboard

12. The Well

13. Me vs. I

14. Broke Neck

15. Redrum

16. Oh, Oh, Calamity

17. Jean Trompette

18. Heart of a Traitor

 19. It's Beginning to Change

 20. Guerilla Radio (Rage Against the Machine cover)

21. Breed(Nirvana cover, with Black Peaks)

22. Eagle Chasing Flies


23. Romans

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