Tuesday 18 October 2016

On Stage: Mozes and the Firstborn @ Bitterzoet

After the release of their first self titled record, young Dutch rock band Mozes and the Firstborn started living their dream of being in a rock band and touring the world. The band played many shows, but also experienced the flip side of it when it all became too much for them. They tried recording a second record in a real studio, with a real producer, but were not happy with the result and tossed it away. After getting it all together again they recorded new songs by themselves and are now touring in support of the record it resulted in, Great Pile Of Nothing.

Mozes and the Firstborn at Bitterzoet Amsterdam, October 16 2016

It's hard to believe these guys were in such a bad place when you saw them play in the past. The foursome always seem to be happy on stage, monkeying around and simply having a blast. Fortunately tonight this is not different and it makes visiting their shows a real treat. The first record had happy-go-lucky up tempo garage rock tunes that would make any one lose their mind over.

The new one is more of a power pop record, with mid tempo songs that offer more depth and reflection. This could result in a performance where the band has to hold back but this is not the case at all. It actually makes their set more balanced, adding more dynamics to the music. Songs like 'Power Ranger' and 'Crybaby' are worthy additions to their catalogue and already fan favourites. It doesn't take long for a few lads to form a small pit in front and everyone is at least bopping their head. That slacker nineties feel of their music still remains in the new songs, which is exactly what makes it so enjoyable.

It's good to see that Mozes and the Firstborn have overcome their troubles and are full of energy again. Singer Melle Dielesen still is the jolly front man, staring through his hair into the crowd with a twinkle in his eyes and a grin on his face. Tall bass player Corto Blommaert is rocking his bass besides him, blond drummer Raven Aartsen with his ever changing hair style is pounding his drums in the back and guitar player Ernst-Jan van Doorn is in his own world shredding his guitar. It's hard not to love young bands like this, who are living the dream of making music and playing in a rock band. Hopefully the dream won't turn into a nightmare again for these guys. since it would be great to have them around for a long time.

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