Monday 24 October 2016

On Stage: The Kills @ Paradiso

Less than half a year ago The Kills visited our country about a month before they released their latest album Ash & Ice. There we heard many new songs for the first time. Also Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince were now backed up with a live drummer and brought a keyboard player as well. It resulted in a more lively show although the new songs still needed to sink in. Now they return to a sold out Paradiso.

The Kills at Paradiso Amsterdam, October 21 2016

The duo opens with a new song 'Heart of a Dog' from Ash & Ice and the first part of the set has a few more. Halfway they switch to older work, leaning heavily on Blood Pressures and Midnight Boom. The new album sounds a bit more laid back, but with older work in between, the show is dynamic enough not to lose its grip on the audience. On the contrary, the band is very tight and of course Hince and Mosshart are a delight to watch.

Mosshart is a sexy and sultry rock diva on stage, walking around and taking on hot rock poses while looking at people in a seductive way. Hince takes his moments in the spot light to show his guitar skills although the shredding part is reduced because of a nasty hand injury. It doesn't lose any of the energy in his playing and the chemistry between him and Mosshart is still impressive. Freed from playing many electronic parts, they both can now enjoy more time at the front of the stage and the two can interact more.

The two additional musicians are kept in the background and don't get an introduction. It is clear that The Kills are still a duo and maybe that's for the better. These artists are such a good team, that probably any change to it would not add anything to their golden formula. In the encore Mosshart plays 'That Love' all by herself acoustically before the rest of the band returns. Now the new songs are also a solid addition to their catalog and not completely new to most of the fans, The Kills show they are an incredible rock duo, a perfect combination of two musicians that have no problems wrapping Paradiso around their finger.

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01. Heart of a Dog
02. U.R.A. Fever
03. Kissy Kissy
04. Hard Habit to Break
05. Impossible Tracks
06. Black Balloon
07. Doing It to Death
08. Baby Says
09. Dead Road 7
10. Tape Song
11. Echo Home
12. Cheap and Cheerful
13. Whirling Eye
14. Pots and Pans
15. Monkey 23
16. That Love
17. The Last Goodbye
18. Siberian Nights
19. Love Is a Deserter
20. Sour Cherry

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