Monday 27 March 2017

On Stage: Flying Horseman @ Brakke Grond

Belgian musician Bert Docx is one of those people that keeps himself busy. I saw him play with Dans Dans a only few months ago, but tonight he is playing with his group Flying Horseman. After a six week residence at art centre De Singel in Antwerp where they explored their musical and thematic obsessions and focused on the qualities of the individual members of the group, they are taking now this set to the stage.

Flying Horseman at Brakke Grond Amsterdam, March 23 2017

The group is standing around drummer Alfredo Bravo with keyboards to either side and Docx himself not in the centre but to the left of the stage. Most of the compositions start by soundscapes where Docx is building his guitar part on top of. The tracks then seem to organically grow and move into different directions. Sometimes it results in psychedelic hypnotizing music that sounds mysterious and dark. Other compositions are building up until they finally explode like a beast breaking loose. The group knows how to keep things interesting throughout the whole performance, keeping their audience on its toes.

Many tracks have vocals by both keyboard players, the Maieu sisters, who are using their voice as additional sound effects to emphasize the atmosphere. It is a delight watching these musicians play their intriguing music. Especially drummer Bravo is wonderful to watch with his dynamic playing and great technique. And of course Docx himself, who is a brilliant musician with versatile skills and talents. At the end they treat us to a few older songs to close this impressive and very interesting night.

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