Monday 20 March 2017

On Stage: Jo Goes Hunting @ Paradiso

I'm a member of the Paradiso Vinyl Club, an initiative by Paradiso to support promising new bands. The band can release a 7" single on vinyl and will play a release show at the small hall of the venue. The latest release features Jo Goes Hunting, but this band even already have their first full album Come, Future out now. I saw them play at the Amsterdam Woods festival last year and that raised my attention. I like the new album as well so time to go check them out again.

Jo Goes Hunting at Paradiso Amsterdam, March 18 2017

The band is actually the talented Jimmi Jo Heuting, who transformed his name into the band name. His last name may ring a bell, since his big brother Rocco plays in the rock band De Staat that is currently taking on the world. Jimmi Jo however is doing things a bit differently music wise, although they did play as a support act for De Staat last month at AFAS Live (formely known as Heineken Music Hall). His music is stacked with electronics, weird grooves, buzzing synths and percussion. Some tracks are groovy, danceable songs with a heavy beat, others are edgy tunes with sudden breaks and twists that will mess up your four on the floor dance moves.

To be able to play this live he is part of a five piece band, where everyone including bassist and lead guitarist also add part of the electronic add-ons. It results in layered, dynamic songs and an exciting, sometimes bewildering, performance that is most of all fascinating from start to finish. Heuting is behind his drum kit, singing at the same time, sitting at the front of the stage with his colleagues surrounding him. He will get up now and then to sing behind another mic where he can also add effects to the songs. When drum players are singing at the same time, there's always a chance that things can get static, but this is not the case here. There's plenty of energy and although the complicated music may not excite everyone Heuting shows plenty of potential and confidence to grow a bigger audience.

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