Tuesday 14 March 2017

On Stage: Surfer Blood + Cloud Nothings @ Paradiso

The nice people of Indiestad organized a few nights with several indie bands. One of them had Cloud Nothings on the bill and I sure wanted to see them play live. As a bonus there were a few more bands to enjoy.

Surfer Blood at Paradiso Amsterdam, March 11 2017
The night starts quite early and I'm not able to get there so early myself. The first band I'm able to see if Surfer Blood, who have just started when I arrive. The foursome from Florida play sunny indie rock songs that are easy to digest. It's all very honest but it is lacking conviction. The band look like a nice bunch of people and they are enjoying themselves but aren't really radiating lots of energy. Obviously this doesn't really spark the crowd who are reacting luke-warm to the band's performance.

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Cloud Nothings at Paradiso Amsterdam, March 11 2017
The program alternates between the small and large venue, but the small venue always gets so crowded that we decide to skip the bands there and focus on Cloud Nothings next. This turns out to be a good choice. What Surfer Blood was lacking, this band has plenty of. The group is full of energy and their powerful rock music with post-punk influences does mobilize the crowd.

They are totally destroying the stage with tight and heavy songs, playing plenty of songs from their new album Life Without Sound. A big wall of noise hits you right in the face and simply blows you away. The crowd can't get enough so at the end the band returns for a few more songs, turning half of the hall into a jumping mass of people.

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Hopefully I will be able to catch some of the bands that also starred on the bill tonight, but Cloud Nothings definitely made the night for me. Keep them coming Indiestad!

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