Wednesday 15 November 2017

On Stage: Future Islands @ Paradiso

After the sudden success of their previous album Singles, Future Islands were able to come up with a new one that didn't disappoint. The Far Field wasn't a lot different but they continued where it left off and wrote another bunch of good songs expanding on their sound. By now their live reputation has been established and a fun night is guaranteed.

Future Islands at Paradiso Amsterdam, November 13 2017

Of course all eyes are on singer Samuel T. Herring who stole so many hearts with his amazing dance moves and his sincere performance. Herring is a story teller and uses music to get them across. Not just the way that songs are stories in themselves and the lyrics, but also the way he's singing them. He will portray the songs with his lively performance, stretching his hands out to imaginary people on stage, putting imaginary things in his mouth or pulling them out.

Herring, who now looks like Jack Nicholson halfway his transformation in the nineties movie Wolf, gets more and more into his role during the show, dripping with sweat after a while. The man is a delight to watch, the way he passionately performs the songs with grunts, audible slaps on his chest and his famous monkey dance. He will drop to his knees, jump up and down in faster parts and at one point slides head first to the side of the show. You would almost forget about the rest of the band who are almost invisible, playing with him in the background. It is maybe a bit unfair to them but I'm sure they are comfortable with their part in the band and the man in the spot light.

Let's not forget the music, that is both dark but also has a summer vibe to it at the same time. The warm synth sounds make sure it doesn't get all sad and desperate, but become melancholic most of the times. The tracks from several albums aren't too different from each other but still are varied enough. Of course people still react to big hit 'Seasons' but also show plenty of love for the other songs including new songs like the singles 'Ran' and 'Cave'. At several moments the applause and cheering keeps going for a long time after the end of a song, showing how much Paradiso has embraced this band tonight. Herring slaps his fist on his chest a few times to return the love.

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01. Beauty of the Road
02. Before the Bridge
03. Time on Her Side
04. A Dream of You and Me
05. Walking Through That Door
06. North Star
07. Ran
08. Balance
09. Long Flight
10. Cave
11. Through the Roses
12. Give Us the Wind
13. Ancient Water
14. Inch of Dust
15. Seasons (Waiting On You)
16. Tin Man
17. Spirit
18. Black Rose
19. Beach Foam
20. Vireo's Eye
21. Little Dreamer

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