Sunday 12 November 2017

On Stage: Spoon @ Paradiso

American band Spoon keep knocking out one excellent album after another, without repeating themselves and always changing their sound. Their most recent one Hot Thoughts has a great electronic dance vibe to it and I couldn't wait to see them live again. Since Spoon is at its best when the band is on stage.

Spoon at Paradiso Amsterdam, November 10 2017

The group is in great shape tonight. Singer Britt Daniel mentions they are happy with the response here in Amsterdam as he apparently has mixed feelings about the past couple of shows. Indeed the band looks very pleased tonight and is in great shape. They play a cross reference of their amazing catalog including plenty of new songs. Of course they can't ignore killer hit songs like 'I Turn My Camera On' and 'The Underdog'.

Despite all the different kind of songs and variation in sound on their albums, it still is a coherent show they play. The band is so skilled at understanding the dynamics of a song, sometimes going full force with loud guitars, then taking it back again focusing on synthesizers or simply taking a minimalistic approach. But it always carries their unique signature.

Daniel is a charismatic front man that can draw all attention to him, but who will also step away from the spot light to let the rest of the band shine. Often he will drop to his knees to enlarge the dramatic effect without overdoing it. If you look closely there's a lot going on and Spoon is a smooth running machine. This band is absolutely amazing with so many good songs and an incredible live performance, which always makes it a pleasure seeing them play.

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01. Do I Have to Talk You Into It
02. Inside Out
03. I Turn My Camera On
04. WhisperI'lllistentohearit
05. The Beast and Dragon, Adored
06. Don't You Evah
07. Do You
08. Via Kannela
09. I Ain't the One
10. Everything Hits at Once
11. Can I Sit Next To You
12. My Mathematical Mind
13. Don't Make Me a Target
14. The Underdog
15. Got Nuffin
16. Black Like Me
17. I Summon You
18. Metal Detektor
19. Hot Thoughts
20. Rent I Pay

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