Sunday 8 April 2018

On Stage: Flying Horseman @ Paradiso

About a year ago Flying Horseman played a show that resulted from a six week residence at art centre De Singel in Antwerp. Now this has been made into an album called Rooms/Ruins and the band is visiting Amsterdam again.

Flying Horseman at Paradiso Amsterdam, April 6 2018

If you ever listened to the music of this Belgian band, you know it evolves around guitar player and singer Bert Dockx. The songs build around his vocals and guitar playing. He has gathered a group of very talented musicians around him that each bring something to the table. The songs patiently are building up where the band are slowly increasing the tension and sometimes let it rip, let it out slowly or let never let it go.

This way their music is both dreamy at some points, also because of the high harmonies the sisters Loesje and Martha Maieu add. At the same time, the synthesizers and samples combined with the guitar create a dark atmosphere. It's as if you're part of a dream that can suddenly turn ugly, but you simply never know what is around the corner. This way the band will keep everyone on their toes during the entire concert.

Live this feeling is even magnified because of the atmosphere they create. Dockx's guitar playing is out of this world sometimes with shredding solos and fast fingerpicking. The amazing drummer Alfredo Bravo supports everything with creative drumming and percussion in a very loose style. Bassist Mattias Cré adds a bit of funk to the mix with swinging bass lines. This group is incredible at playing with dynamics in their music. Listen to the amazing 'Private Isle' for example that grabs you by the throat. Make sure to catch this unique band when you get the chance.

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