Wednesday 4 April 2018

Rock 'n' Roll Circus At Pacific Parc

Of course the venues I visit like Melkweg and Paradiso are well known, but there are also a few more underground places that are worth a visit like Pacific Parc. It’s actually not a venue but a restaurant during the day that transforms into a place for rock n roll party people during the night with great DJ’s and live bands regularly. Annually they throw a big rock n roll circus party and this year it is a 13th anniversary celebration for three days. With bands like The Phantom Four and zZz on the bill I just had to go there.

Rock 'n' Roll Circus Day 2 at Pacific Parc Amsterdam, March 30 2018

The Phantom Four

The first night we weren’t able to go, but fortunately my favourite surf band was playing the second night. The Phantom Four turned into three for a while when their guitar player left and it took a some time before they found a worthy replacement. But now the group is complete again and is back stronger than ever. Tonight they prove that with that catchy surf rock sound. Of course Pacific Parc is their second home and so many of their fans have turned up to join the party. Most people are dancing to the great surf rock songs and the band turns the night into a true celebration. Where's the beach!?

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Today Amsterdam band NEED are closing the live part of the night, whose members have been around the music scene for a while. Singer Sam has dressed up nicely for tonight and has put on his nicest dress for the festive occasion. Their loud songs are explosive and very well done. They are a punk band with a punk attitude but their sound is a lot broader. Sam knows how to entertain this crowd and is all over the place giving it all he’s got, screaming his lungs out. The songs are not always standard punk songs so the band can vary in style and energy level. NEED is a great band to close this night with.

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All Pictures Day 2

Rock 'n' Roll Circus Day 3 at Pacific Parc Amsterdam, March 31 2018

Le Prince Harry

We return for the last night of this three day celebration and find the Belgian duo Le Prince Harry pounding out loud industrial new wave electro punk songs. It’s extremely loud and I’m glad I’m wearing my earplugs. The music is actually not so bad quite interesting, but maybe needs a bit more variation. And maybe tune down the volume a bit, since now I see people fleeing outside to escape the noise.

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Blind Butcher

The two Swiss musicians of Blind Butcher have a more subtle approach with plenty of rock n roll with a little disco mixed in. The band already was a big success when they played here last time and they simply had to come back. Tonight is no different and they have everyone dancing to the four on the floor songs of the duo that are dressed in shiny outfits. They do a great job of setting the right vibe for tonight.

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And what better way to end this night with zZz, whose music is made for late night rock n roll parties. I find the combination of the shredding organs combined with danceable grooves irresistible. It is clear the two musicians are enjoying their gig as well and can’t stop playing tonight. The crowd can’t get enough either and are still full of energy, so much is clear. The band who invented the sleaze fests are the perfect closing act of this three day celebration of a wonderful place where underground bands and rock n roll are still going strong.

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All Pictures Day 3

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