Sunday 22 April 2018

On Stage: METZ @ Paradiso Tolhuistuin

A few years ago I really wanted to see METZ play the Best Kept Secret festival but only was able to see the last half of their set because we couldn't make it on time to the festival. After releasing their incredible new record Strange Peace last year I made sure to miss nothing this time when they visited my home town.

METZ at Paradiso Tolhuistuin Amsterdam, April 19 2018

It's the hottest April 19th on record so people are outside relaxing with a cold drink on a terrace. It won't lure a lot of extra people inside to watch a night of loud rock. When support act Bartek take the stage the venue hasn't really filled up. Fortunately this place doesn't need a lot of people to get ready for a good show. I like this Dutch band who mix nineties grunge and psychedelic rock into a very tasty and convincing performance. They have their sound and performance down right, but need a couple of really good songs. Now there isn't one song that is really sticking, but these guys pack plenty of skills to come up with a few soon.

Canadian trio METZ do have a couple of killer songs like 'Negative Space' and 'Eraser'. Most of all they have a lot of energy and can play very tight. The group are a relentless steamroller running you over with insane speed. Their songs keep coming at you with incredible power. It may not be subtle but this band isn't about subtlety, it is about high energy levels and letting it rip.

The new album shows a bit of a change in their sound though. They added more variety and layers to their music. You can hear the use of samples and electronics which add tension to their songs and make them more interesting. Not all of this is audible tonight, like the absence of the electronic metallic sound effects to support the riff in 'Drained Lake, one of my favourite songs of the new album. It's only a very tiny detail in an otherwise powerful performance.

For the rest this band is a non stop tornado. Guitarist and singer Alex Edkins is very active, working up a sweat and turning to his band mates when he's not singing to rock out. Bassist Chris Slorach is totally into the music and drummer Hayden Menzies never stops hitting those drums with great effect and without slowing down. Before we know it the last notes of 'Acetate' die down and the band leaves the stage soaking wet. This is the way to overwhelm your audience and leave them gasping for air, exactly the way I like it.

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