Tuesday 9 October 2018

On Stage: Damien Jurado @ De Duif

At the Into The Great Wide Open festival over a month ago, Damien Jurado was supposed to pay the island a visit but unfortunately had to cancel his tour. He picked up his tour again shortly after which brings him to the church De Duif tonight.

Damien Jurado at De Duif Amsterdam, October 5

Only two chairs are standing across from the altar, together with a single microphone. Most of the night he is accompanied by Josh Gordon who is playing nice ringing melodies on his guitar to combine with Jurado's guitar chords. I like Jurado's voice and his calm way of playing songs. His music has something relaxing, like a light summer's breeze but at the same time can have something dark or sad. It is this combination that works for me.

Jurado looks like a serious guy and his songs are not really happy. His little speeches in between are a bit awkward but are quite funny. It even turns a bit jolly now and then, but before things get too cheesy, Jurado starts playing another one of his beautiful songs. For the second time this week I'm impressed with the audience who are keeping very quiet and let the music do the talking. So we can enjoy beautiful songs from his new album The Horizon Just Laughed and older ones like the well-known 'A.M. AM' He also plays some covers halfway the set.

For the last couple of songs, Gordon leaves and Jurado continues all by himself. Somehow things now get more intense and this only makes songs like 'Over Rainbows and Rainier' even better. The crowd doesn't want to let Jurado go so he returns and plays another three songs in the encore. This was a wonderful evening with an incredible musician that can keep an audience to stay quiet for almost two hours with just a guitar and gorgeous songs.

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01. Dear Thomas Wolfe
02. Allocate
03. Percy Faith
04. The Last Great Washington State
05. Cindy Lee
06. 1973
07. Marvin Kaplan
08. When You Were Few
09. Random Fearless
10. Birds Tricked Into the Trees
11. The Novelist
12. Beautifulheart
13. Hello Sunshine
14. A.M. AM
15. Exit 353
16. Over Rainbows and Rainier
17. Sheets
18. Shape of a Storm
19. Kola
20. Museum of Flight
21. Metallic Cloud
22. Return to Maraqopa

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