Monday 15 October 2018

On Stage: Graveyard @ Melkweg

A few years ago Swedish rock band Graveyard went through some hard times and eventually even called it quits. I really like the band so I was disappointed the group couldn't go on. But then only a year later suddenly they regrouped and started playing again. Now there's a follow up album Peace and the band are touring Europe, which brings them to Amsterdam once more.

Graveyard at Melkweg Amsterdam, October 12 2018

Before they disbanded the band was able to sell out the big hall of the Melkweg and were ready for the next step to bigger venues. Now they are playing the small hall which is not completely sold out although it is almost full. It is striking to see that only a small pause can kill your momentum, even though the band has not lost their game.

Since the foursome keeps doing what they have been doing all the time: playing genuine and honest hard rock and blues songs with a lot of heart. I like their ability to rock hard and loud while at the same time play gorgeous touching ballads. It is wonderful to watch singer Joakim Nilsson sing those songs so convincing, pouring everything he has in it. Mostly with his eyes closed and his head bent to the side, he's totally in the moment, forgetting everything around him.

It never gets soggy though, since the band shifts into the highest gear often as well, rocking hard. It is these smooth changes and dynamics, combined with a very tight band, that makes this band so good. The new songs aren't too different from the rest, maybe even a bit heavier. I can't imagine this band won't grow any bigger again and move to larger venues the next time they will be visiting. I just hope they will stick around and keep visiting my home town.

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01. Walk On
02. Please Don't
03. The Fox
04. Hisingen Blues
05. Uncomfortably Numb
06. Cold Love
07. Buying Truth (Tack & Förlåt)
08. Hard Times Lovin'
09. An Industry of Murder
10. From a Hole in the Wall
11. Bird of Paradise
12. Goliath
13. Magnetic Shunk
14. Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)
15. Ain't Fit to Live Here
16. The Siren

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