Monday 31 December 2018

On Stage: New Cool Collective @ Melkweg

Twenty five years ago one of the coolest jazz bands in history was founded over here in the low lands. They would develop into this incredible groove machine that will turn any place into a dance hall. This is of course New Cool Collective and tonight they are celebrating this milestone in Melkweg. Needless to say I had to be there to celebrate with them.

New Cool Collective at Melkweg Amsterdam, December 28 2018

During these twenty five years they made a lot of friends along the way, musicians they met and worked with including big names like Tony Allen. They invited a few to celebrate with them tonight and of course their big band line-up is here for a large part of the night. But first the group warms up in their usual eight piece line-up.

We get an overview of all the amazing music they wrote in all those years, all the styles they mix together. Jazz, afrobeat, latin, funk, soul, and so many more, it's all there. No matter what they play it has always got a lot of groove and all their music is swinging. After they have warmed up, the big band joins them. DJ Kypski entertains us with some crazy turn table skills while the stage is being prepared for all the horns joining the band. I guess this is a bit too much for most of the crowd, who mostly use the time to go to the toilet and get more drinks.

However when the band is complete, the party really gets going. Fay Lovsky joins the band on stage, Dave von Raven sings a couple of songs, it's a true celebration. Matt Bianco's Mark Reilly has flown over to Amsterdam to play with the band and sing the swinging songs 'We Should Be Dancing' and 'Don't Blame It On That Girl'. It's a festive night and everyone is dancing around me, enjoying this incredible band. Time flies by and before I know it they play their last song of the night. I hope they will stick with us for at least another twenty five years.

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