Monday 31 December 2018

On Stage: Millionaire @ Paradiso

This really is the last one of the year. The last concert...I think, no really. And I go out with a bang, since Millionaire are here to do the same as they play the last show of this tour. As a desert Cocaine Piss are definitely the ones to leave us with a kick in the crotch.

Millionaire at Paradiso Amsterdam, December 30 2018

When I arrive I get to see a few last songs by Naive Set, that really sound good. The Dutch band have an incredible sound with lovely melodies and clear ringing guitars. I hope to catch a full show by them soon, maybe in the new year? Downstairs it's time for Millionaire, the Belgian band around Tim Vanhamel. I got to see them a few times on this tour and it's nice to be able to see them when they are about to wrap it up for this tour.

This band is guaranteed to play a loud and banging rock show, fronted by the crazy and lively Vanhamel. This evening is part of the Indiestad pass, but still the main hall is only half full. This makes the sound of the band too blunt and adds too much resonance. It's not that Millionaire is playing subtle music, but this way it misses some of its effect

It 's not the band's fault and doesn't bother them for a bit. The group makes sure their last show of the tour is a good one. I always have a bit of trouble getting into their shows in the beginning, but after a few songs I slowly get dragged in. The hooky songs with breaks and changes are not average rock songs but are actually quite clever. I really like the new album and tracks like 'I'm Not Who You Think You Are' sound so good live. The crowd seems a bit hesitant tonight, no matter what the band tries. I guess it is the drawback from a pass like the Indiestad pass where people also just come to check out a band they don't really know or simply to have a good time.

Millionaire are all about good times though, with the master of silly moves Tim Vanhamel at the front. They shortly leave the stage before they play a long encore where they give all what they have left in them. The explosive 'Visa Running' delivers the final blow in a show that could have knocked the roof off Paradiso if only the crowd would have allowed it. Fortunately a new album is in the works.

Afterwards it is full at Cocaine Piss' show upstairs, where a small group have still plenty of energy left for a wild pit in front of the stage. There they get fired up by singer Aurélie Poppins, whose sharp voice is very suitable for the aggressive and spiky punk songs. This is definitely the loud end of the year I was hoping for. Let's see if the fireworks can even that tomorrow.

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