Monday 17 December 2018

On Stage: Tamino @ Paradiso

Only two years ago I saw Belgian musician Tamino play as a support act at the small venue Willem Twee. I was really impressed by his amazing voice and beautiful music. I expected him to rise to fame but I couldn't predict that he would sell out Paradiso two years later. But here he is playing a full house at the Amsterdam pop temple.

Tamino at Paradiso Amsterdam, December 14 2018

He tells us how he used to come here a lot when he was living in this city. It has to be unbelievable for him to stand here on that stage himself. The young man deserves it though, since he has worked hard to get here, playing everywhere he could. From small stages to large festivals, always with a lot of heart. In the several times I watched him now I have seen him grow, getting more confident, letting his music grow with him.

His debut album Amir proves this, where he combines his incredible talent with a great band sound, that mix between Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. Tonight he takes these songs to great heights, never rushing but with great feeling and timing. And of course that amazing voice that is able to move so many people. I see people listening with their eyes closed, totally submerged into the music. Whenever Tamino finishes a song, a huge roar breaks loose, a big discharge of an eager crowd.

Tamino is taking it all in with a shy smile, almost in disbelieve what is going on here. He still needs to get used to this new role of pop star. His band, with no one less than Radiohead bass player Colin Greenwood, is backing him up very effectively, but leave the spot light to the young artist. Once and a while Tamino is on stage by himself, like he was in the beginning. That combination with and without band works very well, making his sound palette bigger.

I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times when he was signing records and he comes across as a modest but very friendly and gentle young man. He took plenty of time with everyone and seems to have a wonderful personality. The last time he noticed my Soundgarden t-shirt that I was wearing and tonight he mentions Chris Cornell is one of his heroes. He honours the Soundgarden singer with an intense and beautiful version of 'Seasons' from the Singles soundtrack.

I think tonight we didn't only witness a great show from an incredible artist, but we witnessed a superstar in the making. The sky is the limit for Tamino and it's going to be very interesting to see what the future will bring for him and how his sound will develop. I think he is going to surprise us with his music, especially when you think about that this is only the beginning.

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01. Persephone
02. Sun May Shine
03. Cigar
04. Each Time
05. Reverse
06. So it goes
07. Verses
08. Tummy
09. Chambers
10. Indigo Night
11. Will Of This Heart
12. Habibi
13. Seasons
14. Smile

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