Tuesday 20 April 2010

Congratulations MGMT?

A few years ago MGMT surprised the world with their debut album 'Oracular Spectacular'. All of a sudden they were one of the hottest bands on the globe. It wasn' exactly my cup of tea but I have to admit they did something right. So now they release their second album that everyone says is always the hardest after such a killer debut.

MGMT - Congratulations (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)
According to the band they could have gone down the same and easy road of their succesful first record. Instead they chose otherwise and decided to come up with something completely different. A brave decision that some couldn't appreciate including some fans. The band even appoligized but I'm not so sure how serious we should take that.

It sure isn't an easy album. It seems to go into all kinds of directions. They certainly have explored their possibilities. And although not all songs worked out equally well it definitely has some good ones on it. 'Son For Dan Treacy' is one of those tunes that work well, a crazy song with a catchy organ. 'Flash Delirium' isn't half as bad as some people want us to believe. The band supposingly had some good laughs about it and why no?. 'Siberian Breaks' is a 12 minute adventure that starts out like a warm summer breeze but then seems to take a more dramatic turn. Then it's time to have fun again with the light and swinging 'Brian Eno' that I'm sure they had great fun at as well.

MGMT shows great progress on this album and I like it more than their debut. It breaths great creativity and they are not afraid to take a gamble and experiment. That by itself already is admirable since they could have chosen the easy road. And it seems they had great fun making the album as well and that's what music is all about in the first place. So congratulations are well deserved for this album.

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