Tuesday 6 April 2010

Local Hero Daniël Lohues Inspiring Musician

Since this blog is supposed to be an international blog I'm always asking myself if the stuff I write about is interesting to international readers. However sometimes it's just too good to keep to myself even when it's really a local artist. And Daniël Lohues even sings in a local dialect "Drents" of a region in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. But his passion for music is international.

Daniël Lohues in de Kleine Komedie Amsterdam, March 28 2010 (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)
The stage of the theater has a simple buf effective decor that resembles a cosey living room. Around four guitars are on the stage together with a piano and an air organ on each side. Lohues is touring for the fourth time with his "Allennig" (Dutch dialect for "On my own") project. It's the last of four albums each one representing a season. This last one is Autumn.

Lohues has a nice and warm voice and his songs are intimate little poems with a funny twist. That's typical for him. It never goes too deep or gets too serious. There's always a light touch. They are a mix of blues, rock and folk. In between he's telling short funny stories and he's very good at it. Many stories are about music and it shows what a passionate musician he is and a true music lover.

He keeps the audience's attention until the very last second of the two hour set. Lohues leaves us with a couple of encores and modestly receives the well deserved standing ovation.

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