Tuesday 13 April 2010

DeWolff: Who Said Rock Is Dead?

To the line of bands that embrace good old 70s rock Dutch newcomer DeWolff are a nice addition. Their mix of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple inspired music spiced up with Pink Floyd like psychedelica is exciting. What's even more impressive is that the three band members are not even 20 yet!

DeWolff in Paradiso Amsterdam, April 3 2010 (Ronald Says 7 out of 10)
Dressed in smart suits and looking their coolest the three young men enter the stage and immediately start laying down their rolling grooves. The band sounds and looks convincing as if they are playing there every week. The Hammond organ of Robin Piso gives it that Deep Purple like sound. Not surprisingly it sometimes sounds like The Doors as well since they are playing without bass player like the illustrious 60s band.

As I mentioned in my short album review of their debut album 'Strange Fruits And Undisclosed Desires' the voice of singer Pablo van der Poel sometimes sounds a bit too weak. But he makes it up with great guitar riffs. And the music seems to be the main attraction here anyway. Some songs lead into long jams like their big inspirers used to do, packed with solos and psychedelic instrumental breaks.

It wasn't not completely full but when you're able to fill up Paradiso when playing the main stage and are able to leave a crowd pleased like this you're definitely full of potential and talent. Let's hope this band gets the time they need to mature so they can deliver many great albums and play many stages. Rock's definitely not dead.

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