Monday 20 May 2013

Savages Stun Everyone With Intense Show

British all female band Savages already left a big impression with their music before their first album even came out. They also proved to be quite a sensation live on stage as well as I experienced myself during the London Calling festival. Now with their album Silence Yourself out they are taking on the Melkweg this time.

Savages at Melkweg Amsterdam, May 15 2013

We were able to catch the last bit of the set of Johnny Hostile when Savages singer Jehnny Beth was just making her guest appearance. They were both in John & Jehn after all and are still working together. After the support the lights stay off while a low feedback keeps buzzing, making for a gloomy and threatening atmosphere. When the four ladies take the stage they break this uncomfortable feeling with aggressive opener 'Shut Up'. Beth is taking her familiar pose, high heeled and firm, like a soldier going to battle, ready to fire off her vocals. The band leaves no mistake, they will not stop before we all surrender to their music.

And that's not a hard thing to do. Compared to the London Calling show, which obviously was much shorter, it has gotten more stunning. Although drummer Fay Milton is struggling with her moving drum kit throughout the show, she's playing a very tight and powerful set. Together with bass player Ayse Hassan they are the strong engine pushing this band forward. Their record has plenty of great songs to build a thrilling show. 'City's Full', 'No Face' and 'Husbands' offer enough ammunition to fire at the crowd. We also get treated to a new song 'My Condition' that is equally intense, completely justifying the band name.

It also proves that the band sounds best when the engine is going full throttle. Slower songs like 'She Will' kind of miss that same intensity. So there's enough room for the band to grow as well. Imagine what this could lead to in the future. In the meanwhile Savages has everybody down to their knees at the end of the show. Closer 'Fuckers' ends the gig in style. No encore? Who needs it when your show is this overwhelming and strong.

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01. Shut Up
02. City's Full
03. I Am Here
04. Give Me a Gun
05. She Will
06. Strife
07. Waiting for a Sign
08. My Condition
09. No Face
10. Hit Me
11. Husbands
12. Fuckers

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