Wednesday 15 May 2013

The Perfect Trip With Motorpsycho

Although they visit our country regularly it has been a while since I had seen Motorpsycho live. The music of this Norwegian band has always interested me. Their mix of psychedelic rock with other musical styles is very creative and often leads to hypnotic jams. With a new album out it was finally time to see them again.

Motorpsycho at Melkweg Amsterdam, May 13 2013

Without a support act the foursome kick off at nine sharp. Four big lamps are lighting up the stage. All musicians are aligned on the stage with the two remaining founding members, Hans Magnus Ryan and Bent Sæther, standing in the middle. On one of the far ends is drummer Kenneth Kapstad's half opaque white drum kit. Combined with the changing colours of the stage lights it gives quite a nice effect throughout the show. The band opens with 'Hell, part 1-3' off their newest album Still Life With Eggplant. In total they will play three songs off the five song album. The rest of the set is a nice overview of their more than 20 years spanning career. It is showing the diversity of the band and their music. We get thrown around between psychedelic rock, jazz, prog rock and several other genres.

Especially when songs turn into long jams the band is excelling. Many times creating repeating riffs and grooves with a heavy bass sound, slowly dragging you into a nice trance. Halfway the show I'm totally into it, bobbing my body and head to the heavy grooves. The four lights have now turned into piercing eyes, staring at us from the back off the stage, trying to hypnotize us. It's working and I'm flying higher and higher on their music. Can you believe this is not about drugs at all? I didn't even drink alcohol tonight.

After more than two hours it's not over yet. The band leaves the stage but returns for an encore before we can awake from this pleasant trip. We're screaming for more, in need for another shot, already hooked to the addictive music. Once more they leave the stage and return shortly for the final blow 'Fool's Gold'. The almost three hour trip is now really over. Again Motorpsycho has swept me totally off my feet. Their music is more powerful and will take you higher than the strongest drug can ever do. They certainly are the best drug for me. Can't wait for my next shot.

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01. Hell, part 1-3
02. The Ocean in Her Eye
03. Stained Glass
04. Cornucopia
05. Überwagner or A Billion Bubbles in My Mind
06. Barleycorn (Let It Come/Let It Be)
07. Upstairs / Downstairs
08. Watersound
09. Kill Devil Hills
10. The Alchemyst
11. Walking On The Water
12.The Bomb-Proof Roll and Beyond (for Arnie Hassle)

13. Whip That Ghost (Song for a Bro')
14. August
15. All Is Loneliness (Moondog cover)

Encore 2
16. Fools Gold

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