Friday 24 May 2013

The Pigeon Detectives Best Consumed Live

According to themselves The Pigeon Detectives are particularly a live band and have the most fun when performing. Making an album may even be a burden for the five some from Leeds. The band can't seem to establish themselves at the indie-rock top. They never managed to leave a lasting impression despite several brave attempts. Their music just won't stick, no matter how much heart they put into it. The challenge for this band, who claim to make a difference live on stage, is how to get this live feel on a studio record.

The Pigeon Detectives - We Met At Sea (Ronald Says 6 out of 10)

And they pretty much succeeded on that on the new We Met At Sea. The record does sound very lively and has a more rough sound than before. It offers ten compact songs and with just over half an hour of music it is a bit short. The songs are all written following the same familiar recipe. This means they are built around pleasant guitar riffs and sing-along verses. Not really suprising but again played with a lot of enthusiasm.

There aren't any real highlights which makes the songs quite interchangeable after all. Closer 'Where You Are' is maybe the best song on the record and seems to have the most potential. In 'Day And Month' there's an attempt in variation with an Arctic Monkeys-like feel, but it misses the tension to compete with that band. Don't expect anything outstanding lyrics wise either, but the band kind of is admitting that them self as well. And so their fourth record again is one that won't be remembered. Despite the fact that songs like 'Animal' and 'Unforgettable' are quite pleasant.

No doubt the new songs will go down well at their live shows. They are easy to dance to and within no time you're able to whale along. The real fan won't have any problems embracing the new album. But it won't convince many new fans. Maybe we just should see them live instead.

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