Monday 14 September 2015

On Stage: Birth Of Joy

Dutch band Birth Of Joy built up quite the live reputation and are one of the most exciting Dutch rock bands to watch on stage at the moment. They played many festivals and spent many miles on the road. Now they are playing the small venue Winston Kingdom.

Birth of Joy at Winston Kingdom Amsterdam, September 11 2015

On the bill tonight are two more bands, The Black Cult and Turbowolf, but unfortunately I can't make it on time to catch them. When I get to the venue Birth of Joy are setting up for their performance. Their last album Prisoner did pretty well and shows the band has made a lot of progress. Live however this band adds a lot more. The foursome add lots of energy to the blues rock songs, making them sound fresh again, while singer/guitarist Kevin Stunnenberg shows plenty of charisma.

The small venue is a treat to the real fans in here tonight, since the band has moved on to bigger stages. Nevertheless the group makes clear why they are one of the hottest bands in town at the moment by now. Howling vocals are followed by shredding guitar solos, out of control organs and big grooves. Drummer Bob Hogenelst graduated from the Amsterdam conservatory a while ago with a perfect score and it is obvious why he deserved that. The drum grooves sound tight, dynamic, heavy and the rolling fills are wonderful. At the end he's showing his skills in an exciting drum solo.

I find the response of the small crowd a bit reserved, but maybe it's just the size of the audience or many people are impressed once again by this band. A live album, Live At Ubu, came out recently that tries to capture their live performance. It's a nice album, but of course experiencing a live show is the real deal, so go see this band when you get the chance.

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