Wednesday 16 September 2015

On Stage: Daniel Norgren

One of the best albums that came out this year is Daniel Norgren's Alabursy. The wonderful record is full of gorgeous intimate songs with the lovely voice of Norgren. Now the Swede is playing a solo concert at the small theater De Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam for something called Red Cinema Sessions.

Daniel Norgren at De Roode Bioscoop Amsterdam, September 12 2015

The tiny theatre and cinema is a nice setting for this intimate show. Norgren is sitting behind a grand piano, wearing a cap as always, kind of sideways to the audience. He explains that he will play some new songs next to many songs of his latest album. It's a delight hearing those songs come alive this way. The blues that you could hear in his other music has been replaced with a more rootsy sound, but the way he's using pauses embeds so much tension into his music, that you can only listen in awe.

That's exactly what everyone is doing, not a sound can be heard. Only the piano and Norgren's voice that sometimes is soft and at other times so loud, he doesn't need the mic that is in front of him. In a few songs he also adds some harmonica which brings more colour to the music. The album sounds more rich because he uses different instruments there, but tonight the songs become really intimate and intense. Beautiful songs like 'Alabursy' and 'Lonely Girl' sound gorgeous and Norgren sings them with all his heart and soul. All we can do is watch him breathlessly and forget about the terrible wooden chairs we're sitting in. Of course in this environment I didn't take any pictures, so I used a few old ones.

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