Sunday 13 September 2015

On Stage: My Morning Jacket

According to some they are the best band in the world, but somehow most people still haven't found out about them. In support of their very good new album The Waterfall My Morning Jacket is now playing Paradiso which is not even sold out. Although I already got a little taste a few years ago it's time to check out how good they really are.

My Morning Jacket at Paradiso Amsterdam, September 10 2015

The band kicks off with one of their best songs 'Heartbreaking Man' that sounds sparkling and has beautiful harmonies. What follows is 2,5 hours of absolute bliss where My Morning Jacket show what they are made off. And that is a lot, since their setlist is a career spanning overview of their songs and features rock songs like 'Mahgeetah', dance tunes like 'Wordless Chorus', a swirling pop song like 'Lowdown' and an intimate song like 'Get The Point'.

Of course many songs of the new album come by as well, especially in the first half of the show. But songs like 'Believe Nobody Knows' and 'Spring (Among The Living) are instant My Morning Jacket classics and are greeted with cheers by the crowd that is slowly going mental. That is no wonder since the band is in great shape and on a roll. Singer Jim James looks like a rock star version of The Big Lebowski's "The Dude" and is shredding his guitar and moves around the stage sometimes like a wizard in his colourful shirt.

James is a great singer which he shows in 'Hopefully' that sounds absolutely wonderful and in 'Only Memories Remain' he exposes himself as a first class crooner. It seems as if this band can do anything and all subtleties and details of their music are coming through. All the beautiful harmonies, the sparkling melodies, the groovy beats, it's all spot on. When they return for the encore a second drum set, guitar amp and mic stand are added to the stage to perform The New Basement Tapes' version of Boby Dylan's 'Nothing To It' together with support act Dawes. Finally they leave us breathlessly with a great version of one of their finest, 'One Big Holiday'. It's a bold statement to call a band the best in the world, but boy does this band come close. It's just that the largest part of the world doesn't know that, which is a blessing for the fans that get to see them on stages of this size.

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01. Heartbreakin Man
02. Mahgeetah
03. Compound Fracture
04. Wordless Chorus
05. Believe (Nobody Knows)
06. Spring (Among The Living)
07. They Ran
08. Get the Point
09. In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)
10. Tropics (Erase Traces)
11. Lowdown
12. Thin Line
13. Dondante
14. Only Memories Remain
15. The Way That He Sings
16. Phone Went West
17. Hopefully
18. Victory Dance
19. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2
20. Nothing To It
21. Circuital
22. One Big Holiday

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