Tuesday 12 June 2018

Best Kept Secret 2018 Day 1

By now the Best Kept Secret festival feels like coming home. We have been here several times and we can't wait to move into our jungalow. By the time we do, the light drizzle has stopped and the sun is showing itself. We get comfortable in front of the jungalow and it doesn't take long to get into the festival mood. Let's go see the first band of the day!

Best Kept Secret 2018 Day 1, June 8 2018


I heard a lot about this band so I wanted to check them out. Their music is quite hard to grasp and I’m having trouble getting into it. Obviously these are skilled musicians but they are making things too difficult for me. The empty spaces that appear in the tent reveal I’m not the only one. Of course it is good to have bands like this who are taking a risk and make things more difficult, so kudos to them for taking a chance.

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The Districts

Time for a bit of action and The Districts are the ones to give it to us. Their songs remind of The Killers and are big enough to fill large venues and festival stages. The band plays with a lot of heart and are eager to win the crowd over. The band sounds pretty tight and solid, although they need a bit more variation in their music. But the group has the right spirit and when they keep working this hard on stage, things could work out for them in the end.

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Mozes and the Firstborn

Susanne Sundfør had to cancel and fortunately Mozes and the Firstborn are here for a DJ set so they can replace her. By the time we arrive at stage Three the band has already wrapped the crowd around their finger. There’s a party going on in front of the stage and there’s one on stage. These guys are having a great time and their energy is contagious. The young group have grown a lot and have improved their sound, their playing and stage appearance. This is a band you simply have to love.

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Future Islands

Another band you have to love is Future Islands. Of course for the largest part this is because of Samuel T. Herring, their charismatic front man. By now you know what to expect but his emotional and soulful performance never gets old. When you look at his sweaty face that seems to be in pain, you wonder how much of this is acted. I want tot believe it is all really him. The songs do sound alike a lot and the band is pretty much acting as wallpaper. Herring doesn't jump off stage to climb the fence this time and in general their performance is less impressive than the other times I have seen them. It's still not a bad way to spend your afternoon though.

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...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Death

Technical issues kind of screw up the first half of the show but when they finally get fixed this band sounds very powerful. I don’t really get the changing of position by Conrad Keeley and Jason Reece taking turns on guitar and drums. Although they do this quite smoothly the small breaks take away some of the momentum now and then. Fortunately they pick things up fast and their heavy sound is very convincing, resulting in a solid performance.

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Deerhunter can make it quite difficult for their audience but cleverly chooses to show their more accessible side. It is a smart move on a festival and they let people get in their music. The dark songs sound wonderful and the band shows how good they are without overdoing it. Interesting song structures combined with a very focused band makes this performance a winner.

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Arctic Monkeys

There has been a lot of talk about the new Arctic Monkeys album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. I simply love it and this band one of my favourite rock bands around. This raises high expectations and you can feel people are eager to know where the band stands these days. Boy, do they deliver tonight. The slow mellow new songs are amazing live and the band is in total control, shifting smoothly between slow and fast songs. Alex Turner has grown into a charismatic confident performer, who is moving around stage like a experienced dandy. I simply love his lazy delivery of his vocals and their songs are simply gorgeous. I think this group is one of the best bands of the past decades. The Casbah sounds like a good place to end this day in style. Rock the casbah!

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