Wednesday 20 June 2018

Pinkpop 2018 Day 1

It’s been over fifteen years since I spent three days at the Pinkpop festival in the south of The Netherlands. But when bands like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Editors are on the bill I simply have to be there the whole festival.

Pinkpop Festival 2018 Day 1, June 15 2018

We have a bit of a rough start due to a lot of traffic jams and people jams at the festival site. Somehow you always have to queue a lot over here. So when we finally make it in, we already have missed a couple of bands that I wanted to check out. We wander around a bit and are finally able to catch our first full performance of the day.


I’ve seen Blaudzun many times in the past and always liked his music. I’ve kind of lost him over the past few years and don’t really know his last couple of LPs, live he still is a unique artist though with his striking appearance and dramatic voice. His band is very excited and it turns into a festive performance. The crowd seems kind of mellow but Blaudzun knows how to turn that around halfway by playing with a lot of energy. He deserves a bigger stage though and I hope he will get it some day.

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We wander around a bit again. I didn’t have a lot of attention for Snow Patrol lately, but while we queue at the bar again and drink our hard fought beers I like what I hear and see.

Pearl Jam

The line up today was the least promising of the festival if you don’t count Pearl Jam. Because let’s face it, today is all bout them finally returning to the festival that saw the legendarygroup sky rocket into rock history in 1992. After their incredible show last Wednesday I am very excited to see them again. The band flies into it again with a grand opening. When the night progresses it becomes clear they are treating Pinkpop to their biggest hits.

And of course this band has no trouble filling two and a half hours with only hit songs. This includes one of my favourites ‘Given To Fly’ which is delivered with a lot of heart. The band looks so focused and full of fire, which is wonderful to see.

Eddie Vedder is giving small speeches criticising “the orange menace”, but also telling stories. His story about his famous jump from the camera boom stand in 1992 is heart warming. Mike McReady and Vedder are often running to both sides of the stage, giving everyone here all of their attention. This time the band ends with a lively 'Rockin' In The Free World' and Vedder's traditional tambourine hand out.

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This is why every festival is after headliners like this, which are simply of a unique level that not many bands can reach. They draw huge crowds, because they never disappoint and always deliver. And by the looks of it both young and old had a more than amazing evening.

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