Friday 29 June 2018

On Stage: Nine Inch Nails @ AFAS Live

Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails had a bit of a turbulent era. The band disbanded and sold all their equipment, but then Reznor reformed them again. After a few EP's, they suddenly dropped a new album Bad Witch only a couple of days ahead of their long planned show in Amsterdam. It's a short album but we were surely going to hear some new songs.

Nine Inch Nails at AFAS Live Amsterdam, June 27 2018

Indeed three songs of the new LP make it onto the setlist tonight: 'Shit Mirror', 'Ahead of Ourselves' and 'God Break Down The Door' are played back to back. So far the crowd has gone wild and now they can calm down a bit. The songs are so brand new, not many people know it by heart. The album does get very good reviews and the songs fit right in with the others.

You know that with every NIN show you're in for a wild ride. They are known for great light shows and tonight is no exception. Many lights are stacked up in a few piles on stage and their are plenty of strobes and other lights hanging from the roof, setting the stage in bright light regularly. The heavy industrial rock songs are played very tightly and the band goes through them very smoothly.

Reznor is always singing them with his intense style, giving the music an extra layer. The songs themselves sound angry which is quite fitting for the state of the world today. There simply is enough to be angry about and this music has a certain urgency to it. The restless music with that heavy pounding beat is creating a feeling of anxiety, but also at the same time a sense of trying to dance that feeling away.

That's exactly what a lot of people are doing tonight, with a big excited crowd in front of the stage. With a relentless speed the band goes through twenty one songs in only one and a half hour, playing 'Hurt' in the final encore. When the band leaves, we can still hear the guitar feedback while the stage is still lit. NIN left everyone out of breath tonight with a stunning overwhelming rock show.

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01. Branches/Bones
02. Wish
03. Copy of A
04. Less Than
05. Survivalism
06. Shit Mirror
07. Ahead of Ourselves
08. God Break Down the Door
09. Closer
10. The Lovers
11. Find My Way
12. The Day the World Went Away
13. Reptile
14. The Beginning of the End
15. Gave Up
16. The Great Destroyer
17. Came Back Haunted
18. Only
19. The Hand That Feeds
20. Head Like a Hole
21. Hurt

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