Thursday 21 June 2018

Pinkpop 2018 Day 2

Because of my own stupid fault leaving something in the car and having to go back, I arrive at the festival site late again so I missed a few bands. Let’s not linger any longer and go see some music!

Pinkpop Festival 2018 Day 2, June 16 2018

Gang of Youths

The Aussies of Gang of Youths played a good show at the Best Kept Secret Festival last weekend and Pinkpop should be a an even better place for them. This turns out to be true because the crowd really get into the band’s heart full rock songs. The set is identical to last week’s and even some small talk in between is similar. But the band works hard again and I’m sure they found new fans today. This could be the turning point in their career over here.

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A Perfect Circle

It’s been forever since I’ve seen A Perfect Circle play live. Like Maynard James Keenan's other band Tool they don’t release a lot of new music and only play a few shows now and then. I really like the new record even though it is a bit more mellow. The first half of the show follows this sound but they slowly pick it up. Maynard adjusted the colour of his suit to the festival’s pink colour and has goofy looking hair with pick tails wearing partly black face paint. Like a caged animal he’s walking around his small raised stage that he will never leave during the show. Guitarist Billy Howerdel is a lot more mobile and is showing his skills on every part of the stage. The small stages and some loose elements are part of the light show, but because it's in the afternoon and too bright it doesn’t really work as well as they would in the dark. Towards the end of the show they play a heavy version of AC/DC's 'Dog Eat Dog' as a tribute to the late Malcolm Young. After this convincing show I’m definitely going to see them in December when they return for a show in Amsterdam.

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I really like Noel Gallagher and would love to see his whole show with The High Flying Birds. But we know we need to be early at the main stage if we want a good spot for Foo Fighters. We watch three songs that sound really nice. Hopefully next time we will be able to see his full show again.

Foo Fighters

Like Pearl Jam yesterday you know that Foo Fighters will deliver. Together with Pearl Jam they are the reason we wanted to come here for three days. By now we know what to expect from them. They play a couple of new songs and most of their explosive hits. This band knows exactly how to close a festival day. There’s the usual goofing around, a lot of the Taylor and Dave show, and the fan Mike who lives his fifteen minutes of fame, spending a few songs on stage with the band. The crowd loves it and there are many smiles around. As a bonus a meteor burning in the atmosphere causes a fireball in the sky and creates natural fireworks. What a night!

I simply love this band, the rehearsal room vibes, the incredible energy, the joy in their playing, the no nonsense rock songs. It’s just two and half hours of uncomplicated fun and forgetting about everything else.

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It's been a day with some frustration about having to go back to the car, missing bands and a lot of queues again. But it's also been a day with a couple of good shows that made everything fine in the end.

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