Thursday 7 June 2018

Sniffing The Grass: A Best Kept Secret 2018 Warmup

When you're a medium large festival and you manage to book Radiohead and Arcade Fire in one edition, you raise the bar to a very high level. How are you ever going to top that? Especially when everything else of last year's edition of Best Kept Secret was almost perfect. The organisation probably had the same feeling and "simply" came up with an incredible line-up with three dream headliners. If I had to choose I would love to see Arctic Monkeys, The National and LCD Soundsystem headline and guess what?

This year we're back in one of those cosy jungalows. The weather isn't going to be perfect with a chance of rain on every day, but hopefully nothing serious. So let's dig in and see what to expect.


There are hardly any moments in the schedule when no bands are playing that I'm interested in. That makes this year's edition a hard one, since I won't get a lot of rest and I need to make tough choices. Here are some ideas:
1. Arctic Monkeys; one of my favourite bands is back! Their new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is causing quite some discussions but I simply love it. I haven't seen them play in a while so this is one that can't be missed.
2. Deerhunter; an interesting band that isn't your ordinary group. Music that isn't always easy to digest because the band likes to experiment but also never fails to intrigue.
3. Los Pirañas; psychedelic and space music from Colombia with plenty of percussion that is very danceable. Need I say more?
4. The Comet Is Coming; jazz, psychedelic rock, electronics mixed together and served as very tasty dish.
5. Future Islands; this band simply is gorgeous with that amazing front man Samuel T. Herring. I have seen them several times now and just can't get enough. Remember Herring's stage exit last time they played here? Let's see what he comes up with this year.


1. The National; the first time I saw The National play I was very impressed and after several concerts I still am. Watching Matt Berninger live his music is incredible and their music is amazing.
2. Mattiel; One of the highlights of the last edition of London Calling who released a great debut album last year. Her retro sound and wonderful band are irresistible.
3. Johan; without a doubt one of the best bands our country ever had and, hooray, they are back after nine years!
4. Wolf Alice; it's the third time the English band are playing this festival and with their second album Visions of a Life they have shown a lot of growth both on record as on stage.
5. USA Nails; their music is a mix of METZ and Girl Band so expect a big kick in your crutch and a slap in the face.


1. LCD Soundsystem; the New York band never lets you down with their punk and dance cross over and simply very good songs.
2. Spoon; a band that should have been much bigger who keep recording amazing music and are even better live.
3. Ty Segall; it's hard to believe Ty Segall has even time to play festivals with his inexhaustable stream of new music and projects. Always good to see which side of him he's going to bring to the stage.
4. Father John Misty; he released another gorgeous album God's Favorite Customer that proves his unique song writing skills. I simply love his rich and melancholic sound.
5. Preoccupations; Viet Cong became Preoccupations a few years ago but their dark post-rock sound didn't. Or did it slightly on their last LP New Material leaving room for a bit of light? Plenty of reasons to go check them out.

I don't know exactly what I will end up seeing but with this incredible line-up I know it's going to be good. See you there?

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