Thursday 14 June 2018

On Stage: Pearl Jam @ Ziggo Dome

It's been a few years since Pearl Jam visited our country. Now they are on a big tour even though a new album is on the way only somewhere next year. Of course these guys don't need a new LP to sell out arenas, nor do I need a new LP to go see them.

Pearl Jam at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, June 13 2018

Even though I have seen them several times I never can get enough from this legendary rock band. You know that every night the setlist is different and every setlist will have a a few gems on them. They open the night with the incredible 'Release' and then slowly build it up. The first half is quite heavy and raw, which is just the way I like em.

Eddie Vedder has become a rock icon and for a good reason. He's always in a good mood, although tonight he mentions he really misses his daughter. He comes across as this really friendly guy and you just want to give him a hug. Fortunately he is surrounded by his buddies, because that's what they are. When you see them playing their music, throwing smiles and looks of admiration at one another, you can see they have a lot of respect for each other and are having a lot of fun together.

And who wouldn't love guys like Eddie Vedder, guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard, bassist Jeff Ament, and drummer Matt Cameron. They are a group of guys I would love to have a beer with. It is this kind of energy and vibe they radiate and why so many people like them. And because they are simply one hell of a rock band, that made so many good songs, that they can play more than twentyfive songs in over two and a half hours.

'Even Flow' is one of those near to perfect rock songs that still stands tall after so many years. The beautiful ballad 'Just Breathe' sounds so fragile and intimate, showing Vedder's amazing voice. 'Once' and 'Black' go back to back in the encore before the place is lit with the rock monument 'Alive'. The place is torn apart and the crowd keeps going during 'Rockin' In The Free World' and 'Yellow Ledbetter'. Ok, this post reads back like a fanboy's memory but come on, what's not to like about this epic band? See you again at the Pinkpop festival fellows!

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01. Release
02. Present Tense
03. Animal
04. Last Exit
05. Lightning Bolt
06. 1/2 Full
07. Untitled
08. MFC
09. Even Flow
10. Light Years
11. Glorified G
12. Can't Deny Me
13. Mind Your Manners
14. Unthought Known
15. Inside Job
16. State of Love and Trust
17. Do the Evolution
18. Porch
19. Bee Girl
20. Man of the Hour
21. Just Breathe
22. Once
23. Black
24. Rearviewmirror
25. Alive
26. Rockin' in the Free World
27. Yellow Ledbetter

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